Miscellaneous Photos


In August, we had our first meeting at the Croatian Center in Ross Township.  Our Grillmeister, Dwight, grilled hot dogs before the meeting.

In July, we had our first meeting at the Moon Community Park.  It was well attended, and Dwight grilled hot dogs (is there a connection?)

Dwight, Mary and Tim went to Carlisle in June and brought home trophies

Jason was also at Carlisle.  On July 6, Dwight, Jim & Bob won trophies at the Mt. Lebanon car show.


On March 16, 2013, several members attended a surprise 60th anniversary party organized by Randy and Christine for Randy’s parents, Carole and John.  It was a lovely evening for everyone there.


We thought you might enjoy this photo of our Inactivity Director. ;-)

Seriously, Dwight works hard for the club, so he’s allowed to have some fun.  Besides, he and Mary had just returned from a relaxing cruise, so he was easing back into the action.


Speaking of fun, one of our members is very active in the Yellow Mustang Registry.



Ken and Jennie attended Carl’s 80th birthday party in 2012. There was a big turnout. Here you see Carl’s cake – note the image of Carl with his Mustang in the center!