2014 Holiday Party – January 11, 2015

The 2014 GPMC After-Holiday Party was held at the Meadows Racetrack & Casino.

Toni Glover shared these photos:


Your webmaster created the guide below to help put names to the faces.  For corrections, or if you have photos to share, please send them to webmaster@gpmc.org.

Attendee Guide

(1)Dwight (2)Mary (3)Judy (4)Mila (5)Pat (6)Jerry (7)Lauren (8)Jacquie (9)Marian (10)Denise (11)Marty (12) Mark (13) Toni (14)Fred (15) Ray (16)Tim (17)Davina (18)Bob (19)John (20)Joe (21)Dave (22)Charlyn (23)Jim (24)Tim (25)Jan (26)Cheryl (27)Roger (28)Tom (29)Megan (30)Chip (31) Gerri (32)Kim (33)Theresa (34)Russ (35)Donna (36)Janine (37)ValJean (38)Bill (39)Carol (40)Scott (41)Al (42)Barb (43)Bill (44)Bob (45)Mark (46)Betsy (47)Mark (48)Richard (49)Jody (50)Jean (51)Rich (52)Lisa (53) David (54)Marie-Claude (55)Terry (56)Jason (57)Danielle (58)Darrell (59)Cheryl (60)Bob (61)Shaun (62)Denny (63)Tami (64)Bob (65)JoAnne (66)Al (67)Dave (68)Tom (69)Jeff (70)Kelley (71)Linda

Jason Uhler shared these photos:

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