2017 Can-Am

The Greater Pittsburgh Mustang Club hosted the 2017 Can-Am weekend, held June 16-18.  The other clubs represented were Lake Erie Mustang Owners’ Club, Northeastern Ohio Mustang Club, Mahoning Valley Mustangs, and Niagara Classic Mustang Club.

It included the traditional Friday night Just Desserts, scenic cruising, a visit to a classic car collection, a mystery dinner, the passing of the Pink Pigs to the next club to host Can-Am (Mahoning Valley Mustang Club), and a visit to the zoo for sight-seeing and picknicking.  Your webmaster has added names where possible.

Many thanks to Charlyn Mulkey for sharing the photos she took over the weekend.  They are broken into several photo galleries below.  Enjoy!  You can view more photos, including attendees with their Mustangs, submitted by Scott Unger and Marie-Claude Graef, here: https://gpmc.org/2017-can-am-page-2/

Friday night started with a car cruise and Just Desserts back at the host hotel.

Saturday’s tour was to the Johnstown/Altoona area, stopping at Hoss’s for lunch.

The next stop was the Johnstown Incline.

Everyone enjoyed the tour of Lenny’s Classic Car Collection.

More Saturday photos.

More Saturday photos.

The Saturday night banquet featured a murder mystery dinner.

The pink pigs, after picking up some new stable mates, started their journey to Ohio.

Sunday morning started with a cruise through Pittsburgh neighborhoods with scenic views of downtown from Mount Washington.

Can-Am 2017 wrapped up with a visit to the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium with lunch at a pavilion there.

More Pittsburgh tour and zoo photos:

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