2017 GPMC Holiday Party

Thanks to Charlyn Mulkey for organizing the 2017 GPMC Holiday Party, held December 3, 2017 at the Embassy Suites in Moon Township.  It was an evening of good food and fellowship enjoyed by over 80 members and guests.  Melissa assisted by gathering and preparing a lovely display of gifts, above.  Photos by Jennie Barker.


The GPMC Service Awards for this year were presented to John & Carol Holmes, Mary Hutton and Mark Morrow.  Mark received his award at the December 3 party.  John & Carole, and Mary, received their awards at the December 6 meeting.

The presentation Ken read was as follows:

Again this year, I was honored when our President asked me to chair our Service Award Committee, to decide who should receive a Member Service Award for 2017.  According to the procedure we adopted last year, I formed a Committee of at least 3 prior awardees.  This year’s Committee members are Gerri Corvino, Carl Cramer and Jason Uhler.

As we held discussions over the late summer and fall, we realized we still had some catching up to do, as there are many members who’ve contributed to the Club’s success over the years.  So we decided to again grant three Member Service Awards (the maximum allowed by the Board-approved procedure) this year.

The Committee reached agreement in early October and decided on the specific awards to be given, as follows:

  • Our first awardee has been a member for over 20 years. Among his many roles, he’s been an at-large Board member, Vice President, President, and has served on the Board in his current role for the last 15 years (as far as I know, longer than anyone has held the same Club office.)  He always volunteers to work at our All Ford-Powered Car Show and most other Club events.  He’s one of our more recognizable members outside the Club, and works diligently with organizations like the Pgh Vintage Grand Prix to serve our community and to increase the Club’s visibility.  Please join me in congratulating our first awardee for 2017, Mark Morrow.
  • For our second award, the Committee decided to do something different. The original intent of the Service Award Procedure was to award “individuals” who’ve made significant contributions to the Club.  But in this case the Committee realized that it’s impossible to separate the contributions of these two individuals.  It’s been so rewarding to watch them in action over the years.  Every task they took on was a team effort, and as a result, the Club reaped the benefit of their combined effort.  Whether as a Board member, Membership Director, Merchandise Director, or even VP, you always knew that they did everything as a team.   They’ve always volunteered at most Club events, and have hosted our Holiday Party when it’s been held in the east.  Let’s have a round of applause for Carole and John Holmes.
  • Last but certainly not least, is a member whose contributions have spanned virtually all aspects of Club activity.  Due to her computer prowess, much of her work has been behind-the-scenes.  She’s handled registration for the last three Can-Ams, and for more All Ford-Powered Car Shows than I can remember.  She and her husband were in charge of the Club picnic for many years.   As Membership Director for six years, she was the first to convert our membership records to a truly digital format.  While her husband was Activities Director, she worked with him to ensure all activities went smoothly.  And then this past year, she volunteered to take on one of the Club’s most demanding roles, Can-Am Chair.  Please join me in congratulating Mary Hutton for her many years of service.

Going forward, the Service Award Committee will be composed of at least 3 prior awardees, potentially including the three awarded this evening.  So the downside of receiving a Member Service Award is that we expect even more work from you going forward.  🙂



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