50th Birthday Spring Tour

Photos by Darrell, Mark B., Jennie and Ken.

While some GPMC members took their ponies to Charlotte for the MCA celebration of the Mustang’s 50th birthday, others went on a tour to a local winery.  Some of us met at the King’s Restaurant in Harmarville to fuel up for the drive.

Ken led the group along back roads to the Wooden Door Winery in New Kensington.

Jeff and Krissy, the owners of Wooden Door Winery, let us display our cars in a reserved parking area.

At the winery, we enjoyed the bountiful sunshine, beautiful scenery and swapping stories.  Several people sampled the wines and bought wine for gift giving or to enjoy later.

5 Responses to 50th Birthday Spring Tour

  1. Toni Lynn Glover says:

    So glad the club celebrated the 50th with us! Looks like you had much better weather than us. Started to rain as we lined up for cruise to Kanapolis and didn’t stop until 3 a.m. on Sunday.

    • Jennie says:

      Mark and Darrell were trading emails, with Mark sending photos of the rain and Darrell sending photos of the sunshine we had to endure.

  2. Mark Bedel says:

    Many thanks to Ken and and Jennie for planning and organizing this wonderful day trip! Mother Nature played a positive role in ordering up a wonderful day also! Super great time.

  3. Mars Kiwanis says:

    A big thanks to Ken and Jennie for planning a great day. The weather was great and so were all
    of the members.

  4. Ken says:

    Wow! Could we have asked for a more perfect day? We had ten Mustangs on display to commemorate Mustang’s 50th. Several non-member Mustangs that arrived later joined in the show. The sun was warm, the route was scenic and the wine & food were yummy. It appeared to me that all our members had a wondeful time.

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