A Night at the Movies

UPDATE to the story about the drive-in theater.  For decades, it was known as the Pioneer Drive-In, but was sold this year and renamed the Starlight Drive-In.  The new owner plans to renovate the theater and keep it going, including digital upgrades to the screens.  You can read about the new owner and the plans for the theater here:  http://triblive.com/news/butler/8981664-74/drive-theater-butler#axzz3kOmYRBXY

Activities Director Tim Baker pulled together a wonderful evening on short notice.  He arranged for members to meet at Pittsburgh Mills on August 22 for a drive along scenic back roads to King Cones Castle in Butler where it was hard to decide among the dozens of  ice cream flavors.  Fourteen vehicles made for a strong showing.  Some members then headed for home while the rest drove to the Pioneer Drive-In Starlight Drive-In (see note above), where they got to choose from five screens, each showing a double feature movie.  The weather was perfect for an evening outing and a good time was had by all.

Photos courtesy of GPMC members Keith & Mary Gottschalk and Rich & Anne Harrison.  No photos from the drive-in movie.  Says Rich, “By the time we all got in and situated for the movie of our choice, it was dark.  We were all scattered about the  Drive-In and I don’t think patrons would have been happy if I ran around using the cameras flash while they watched the movies.”