Doc Snyder’s Auto Collection Tour

On October 22, 2016, Jason Uhler led a large group of members on a rainy drive to Ohio for a tour of Doc Snyder’s collection.  Members of the Bradford Woods Motor Club, the original group making the tour, graciously allowed us to join in.  We met for breakfast at the King’s on 910 at I-79 (yes, the one where we’ll start having our monthly meetings on November 2).

It was the first time many of us had seen this amazing collection.  Our last visit there was during the 2007 CAN-AM weekend.  As Jason described the tour: “There are approximately 100 cars in the collection ranging from 1890’s high-wheelers to 700 hp famous muscle cars.  Included is a 1903 Ford (1st year of Ford production) that was recently acquired while outbidding Edsel Ford himself, the only 1911 Model T Limousine ever made, the first factory lightweight drag cars produced by Ford in 1962-1968 (each year!), 5 of the 30 existing 1964 Fairlane Thunderbolts (including first and last), every one of Dick Brannan’s drag cars, a Sox and Martin Roadrunner completely original off of the track, 2 of the 11 1965 AFX Mustang drag cars which are all fiberglass and have the 750hp 427 Cammer motors, World record holder lightweight Galaxies from the ‘60’s, a few Nascars ranging from a Ned Jarrett Galaxie to the next to last car that Dale Earnhardt Sr ever drove in as-raced condition complete with rubber all over the front end.  In addition to being one of the largest collections of famous drag cars from the ‘60’s in existence, there are some regular cars as well that you would be accustomed to seeing at local cruises.”

As we were leaving, the Model A club was arriving – and, unlike some of us who left our ponies in nice dry garages, they drove their Model A’s in the rain!  It made for one last look at some beautiful cars before heading home.