2013 Fall Foliage Tour

Some met early for breakfast.

We gathered at the Raceway Plaza.

We had to regroup a couple of times.

The Pennsylvania Trolley Museum

Lunch at Mingo Creek State Park

The second breakdown of the day

Greendance Winery

4 Responses to 2013 Fall Foliage Tour

  1. The Tow Truck Experts says:

    Well, as I suspected, it’s the fuel pump. We should get the car back later this week. Anyway….thanks to all who stopped and came back to help us out. And a very special THANKS to Bill & ValJean who gave us a ride to the winery and then home. Greatly appreciated.

    I suggest our new club motto should be : “We will leave no Mustangs behind (even if they’re Jeeps)”.

    Dwight & Mary

    • Jennie says:

      😆 Seriously, we’re glad you’re okay.

    • Gerri says:

      Hi Everyone,
      My thanks to everyone for their concern and again to Dwight and Mary who came back for my friend, Mary, and me. It was a rusted brake line. Also, Vasko’s service dept. had problems pulling the brakes to bleed the lines because of rust. It might be ready the end of this week. Jason, the way things are going for me, I might catch up with you for breakdowns – (I’m two for two).
      See you at the next meeting.

  2. Jason U says:

    Gerri and Dwight, no matter how hard you try you will never beat our record of breaking down 5 times on Fall Foliage cruises, And, in 5 different cars! Someone will have to try real hard to break that one. The Uhlers

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