2013 GPMC Holiday Party

Held at the Hyeholde Restaurant

Toni Lynn Glover provided some of the best pictures of the evening.  Thanks, Toni!!!  They’re followed by pictures taken by Jennie and Ken.  But first, here’s a video Ken took of a Mustang twist on The Twelve Days of Christmas:

4 Responses to 2013 GPMC Holiday Party

  1. Carolyn says:

    Thanks to Charlyn and Mark, GREAT party, a lot of fun and good food!!!

  2. Toni Lynn Glover says:

    Charlyn & Mark did a great job! Thank you and your committee for all of your hard work to make the party a success! The company and the food were excellent! Great turn out! Had a wonderful evening!
    Mark, can’t wait to see what the next 6 years bring.
    Toni Glover

  3. Nancy Kruljac says:

    Best Holiday party ever. We had a great time. Wonderful seeing so many members and new faces also. The Mulkeys and their committee did a super duper job. Thanks for a fun evening.
    Nancy & John Kruljac

  4. gpmcprez says:

    What a wonderful party! Kudos to the Mulkeys and their committee for putting together such a great event.

    Thanks to everyone who made my tenure as President so enjoyable over the past six years. It’s been a true pleasure and a privilege being Club President. Thank you all for the thoughtful gifts, loyal support, close friendships and wonderful memories.

    You’ll still be seeing a lot of me, as I plan to stay active with the Club.

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