2013 GPMC Picnic Photos

The 2013 GPMC Hospitality Picnic was an unqualified success on several levels.  For starters, we had a record (as far as we know) picnic attendance, with almost 100 people, including members and guests.  Five of those guests joined the club at the picnic.  The weather was perfect, despite a few rain showers very early in the day.  We can be proud of the teamwork showed by many of our members, who worked together to pull it off.

Jerry and Barbara Longstreth were among the guests.  Jerry, the Marque Coordinator for the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, thanked the club for working closely with him over the last year.

Thanks to Scott, Bill and Toni for adding to the Jennie and Ken’s photo collection.

5 Responses to 2013 GPMC Picnic Photos

  1. Brian & Karen Gray says:

    Thanks to all who spent a lot of time to make sure the rest of us had a great time! Special thanks to grillmeister Dwight and his assistant cooks for a delicious meal!! Being members for only a few months we are enjoying meeting other members and look forward to more activities and helping the club when we can.

    Brian & Karen Gray

  2. Danny J. McDowell says:

    Hi Jennie, thanks for information and I’ll get with Dwight to set-up a plan to get it back. Have a nice day.

  3. Jennie says:

    Someone left a folding chair at the picnic pavilion.

    • Danny J. McDowell says:

      Danny Says:
      It belongs to one of the new members. Gene Sokolowski, if it is a Red one. Guess he was all flustered after becoming a new member that he forgot he had taken one out of his car. LOL

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