Special Thank You Message from the Prez

Can-Am and the Pgh Vintage Grand Prix a HUGE Success

As I write, it’s literally the morning after the PVGP & Can-Am weekend, and time to reflect on the miraculous job our members did to pull off these two concurrent events.  In the small space here I can only begin to express my gratitude for the hard work our members performed.   This weekend was the opportunity for the GPMC to shine, and we pulled it off in spades.

I want to personally thank every member who volunteered with the planning, organizing and execution of a virtually flawless weekend.  The last count I have is that we signed up 20 new members on Saturday and Sunday.  We’ll hear shortly from the PVGP on the Mustang attendance in Schenley Park.  I’ve been to many PVGP weekends, and to me it appeared the Marque turnout was close to a record.

Our Club has a lot to be proud of.  Now’s the time to enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.  I’ll have more to say in upcoming newsletters and at future meetings, but for now I just want to say that I’m extremely proud of our Club and the positive impact we had on one of Pittsburgh’s signature events.