2014 All Ford-Powered Show

The GPMC 30th Anniversary All Ford-Powered Show

Thanks to everyone who participated and thanks to the GPMC volunteers who helped make it happen.

These are the photos taken by Ken & Jennie.  The latest photos were added June 29.  See Rich Moore’s photos below.  Scott Unger submitted the photos that appear on page 2.  He also submitted the photos that appear on the winner’s page.

Rich Moore contributed these photos, saying that he and Paula had a very good time. They had the Gold Glo ’72 Mach1 & 2000 black largely supercharged GT(Forced Horse)  Thanks, Rich!

Thanks to the following sponsors and door prize/owner’s bag contributors to our 30th Anniversary All Ford-Powered Show.

Richard Bazzy’s Shults Ford
Mustang Club of America
CJ Pony Parts
Griot’s Garage
Summit Racing Equipment
National Parts Depot
Gino Bros Pizzeria – Alpha Drive W. Harmarville
Modern Nails – Harmarville
Wendy’s – Pgh
PWD Service
JMS Balloon Art

8 Responses to 2014 All Ford-Powered Show

  1. Danny J. McDowell says:

    Hey, was wondering if Scott is going to upload all the photos he took at the show?

    • Jennie says:

      Hi Danny. Ken and I saw Scott and Carol at Can-Am this weekend, and he gave me his photos. We just got home Sunday evening, and I hope to have them up in the next day or so.

      • Danny J. McDowell says:

        Hi Jennie and Ken, sounds good. Figured he was probably busy but thought I’d ask. If he is like me. I forget things really quick these days. Hope the two of you are doing well. All is good up our way. Take care, Danny

        • Jennie says:

          He actually had the photos ready days ago; we just had to find a time when we were both in the same area so that he could give me the thumb drive with his photos. Then it took me some time to do the final prep and upload. Anyway, they’re up now, and I hope you enjoy them. Have a great week.

          • Danny J. McDowell says:

            Awesome photo gallery. GPMC people are the best. Everyone have a super week and a safe, fun 4th of July and weekend. Proud to be an American!!!!!

  2. Danny J. McDowell says:

    Hello everyone. Being a two-year member of GPMC this was our first All Ford-Powered Show. It was quite nice seeing all of those FORD CARS!!! The truly best cars on the road. Class Act was put on by GPMC and Shults Ford people. Truly enjoyed the show and festivities. Lots of HOT cars to see, too. Weather was fantastic and some good eats. Look forward to next years.

    • Charlyn says:

      Thanks Danny for the nice response for Sunday’s fund raiser. Glad you enjoyed. We try to improve every year and make it enjoyable along with successful for the charity. Let us know if you have any suggestions that we might be able to use for next year. Thanks again for coming.

    • Ken says:

      Hi Danny- Glad you were able to come and enjoyed the show. Thanks to you, Gene & Jim for volunteering to help out in front, and the kind words. The more members who actively participate the easier it is for everyone. Hope to see you soon.

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