2014 Hospitality Picnic

The Hospitality Picnic is ON for Sunday

Monroeville Community Park

July 27, 2014

Members should arrive at noon, open to the public starting at 2:00 p.m.

Pavilion #2 (in the back, on the left as you approach the pavilions)

NOTE: Please check the food list below to see what is needed. Use the comment box at the bottom to add your name and what you’re bringing to the list.

Club provided burgers, hot dogs, buns & cheese, corn: Dwight & Mary
Condiments (ketchup, mustard, mayo, relish, pickles, onion, letuce & tomato): Denny & Danielle
Beverages (soft drinks & water): Jeff & Denise

Buffalo chicken dip: Scott & Carol
Surprise: Kathy & Steve
Sweet & sour meatballs: Ray & Kathy
Crackers & dip/cheese ball: Bob & Kim
Chips, pretzels & seasoned oyster crackers: Ron & Ann
Single serving chips: Jack
Soft pretzel tray with dips: Al & Mila

Salads & Side Dishes:
Potato salad with vinegar & oil dressing: Ken & Jen
Pasta salad: Chip
Broccoli salad: Jo Anne & Tom
Linguine salad: Al & Barb
Surprise: Bill & Marian
Haluski: Denny & Danielle
Cheesy potatoes: Gerri
Baked beans: Carole & John
Watermelon: John N.
Tomato salad: Mike & Erin
Baked beans: Bev & Terry
Surprise: Davina & Joe (might be an appetizer instead)
Surprise: Marie-Claude & David
Deviled eggs: Stu & Jan
Drunken sailors (kielbasa dish): Jerry

Pistachio Salad: Carole & John
Carrot Cake: Bob & Marty
Surprise: Sue
Surprise: Tom & JoAnne
Chips, Cookies: Mark Mo.
Surprise: Jason & Jacquie
Something involving chocolate: Charlyn & Mark
Something involving chocolate: Brian & Karen

To Be Determined:
Mike Z.


22 Responses to 2014 Hospitality Picnic

  1. Jennie says:

    Ken and I just got back from our Canadian Rockies/Alaska vacation. A HUGE thank you goes out to Ed for minding the site while we were gone. And thanks to you, the members, for stopping by to say what you’ll bring. Now let’s hope for good weather!
    Your humble webdiva

  2. Al & Mila says:

    Al & Mila-soft pretzel tray with dips

  3. Al & Mila says:

    Al & Mila Senic-Soft pretzel tray with dips

  4. Jerry Smith says:

    Appetizer: Drunkin Sailors (kielbasa dish)

  5. skyliner59 says:

    Will be bringing assorted single variety of chips.

  6. Michael Zerishnek says:

    I’m hoping to be at the picnic.

  7. Ronald Orenak says:

    Ron & Ann Orenak will attend and bring chips, pretzels & seasoned oyster crackers.

  8. Bob and Kim Hill says:

    we will bring crackers and dip/cheese ball.

  9. Brian & Karen Gray says:

    Brian & Karen Gray will bring some type of desert. Pretty sure some type of Chocolate will be involved!

  10. Stu & Jan Hartman says:

    We will be bringing Deviled Eggs

  11. David R. and Marie-Claude G. says:

    Marie-Claude & David R. will be bringing some type of side or salad.

  12. Ray Radzevick says:

    Ray & Kathy Radzevick

    Will bring sweet & sour meatballs for an appetizer.

  13. davina and Joe says:

    Joe and Davina will bring some type side and or appetizer!!

  14. Bev & Terry says:

    Terry & Bev will be bringing baked beans

  15. Mike and Erin DeLeonibus says:

    Erin and I will be bringing tomato salad.

  16. We will be bringing broccoli salad.

  17. JoAnne Horner says:

    Broccoli Salad

  18. Charlyn says:

    dessert: of course, chocolate

  19. Denise says:

    Jeff & Denise – Water, Soda

  20. Chip R. says:

    Pasta Salad

  21. Danielle says:

    Will be bringing condiments. Ketchup,mustard,nayo,relish,pickles,onions,lettuce and tomatoes. Also Haluski(noodles and cabbage)

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