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Wondering who’s going to Carlisle?  Hershey? A local car cruise?  Do you know of a local car cruise you’d like other GPMC members to know about?  Perhaps you’re looking for advice or help in restoring or maintaining your Mustang.  Post your question/comment here or reply to other member’s comments.  Please stick to questions about cars or car-related events.

If you want to organize a group of GPMC members to attend an event, please post the information here and bring it up at a club meeting.  Also, please notify Tim at to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Note: This is a moderated forum, for GPMC members only.  To keep it current, questions about events that have already occurred will be cleaned out periodically.

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  1. Mark L Bedel says:

    Hi All, just thought I’d float the idea of a club track day again. Hooked on Driving, (HOD), is having another event this August. We can sign up for either a Saturday or a Sunday, whatever works best for everyone. We should probably start to consider if and then what day we’d want to do this. I can reach out to Mona Arrigo, the Eastern Region manager if we can assemble a group and she can make sure that they keep us together as a group for instruction and track outings. Let me know your thoughts. See link below:

    Mark B.

  2. Mark L Bedel says:

    Check out the Henry Ford Museum’s collection of videos and blogs for the Ford Motor fan:

  3. Mark L Bedel says:

    For those who are inclined to “track” your Mustangs from time to time, this was originally posted on another site, but I found that even if you’re not using a dedicated race compound tire, that this information session at least creates awareness of some tire/track considerations. It’s a bit long but there are some nourishing tidbits inside:

  4. Mark L Bedel says:

    Attached is a very cool story on the original development of the Coyote Engine. Enjoy:

  5. Mark L Bedel says:

    Here are links to the Ford Performance Tech Group for those who may have questions:

  6. Mark L Bedel says:

    Robert Allison…this one’s for you buddy! I know you love to bone up on your technical:

    Click to access Coyote%20Technical%20Reference2.pdf

  7. Mark L Bedel says:

    Happy Ford Mustang Day today!!!

  8. Mark L Bedel says:

    Finally, some clarity to the mystery mid-engine Mustang Prototype…

  9. Mark L Bedel says:

    Mystery Early Mid-Engine Mustang. Insiders at the time don’t recall being aware of it?
    Read the article and see if you can add some insight…Jason, this seems like it would be in you wheelhouse…

  10. John says:

    Here is Ford link to some fun stuff to help pass the time, and although it states for kids we’re all kids at heart. Stay safe!

  11. Mark L Bedel says:

    Ever wonder what the designer of the S550 Mustang Kemal Curic’ is up to these days?

  12. Mark L Bedel says:

    New World Record Quarter Mile from a Tuned 2020 GT 500 with Drag Pack. 9.1 seconds at 154 MPH with 1,100 Rear Wheel Horse Power! Pretty Crazy!

  13. Mark L Bedel says:

    Now five years into the S550 platform, let’s take a look back at how it came to fruition with a series of three videos…enjoy!

  14. Mark L Bedel says:

    Check out Ken Block’s new Focus RS Livery and 1,400 HP Hoonicorn in Action!

  15. Mark Bedel says:

    For those club members who participate in the occasional track day or HPDRE, here’s a great, easy to install belt system for your stock Mustang:

  16. rfrickejr says:

    2017 Rally Appalachia 2 – Talladega Super Speedway – Rich’s Laps

    My son Adam and I had a great time back in 2017 on the Appalachia 2 Rally with the North America Rally group. This is a video of us running around the Talladega Super Speedway (Note: Tim Baker is the car in front of us!). I’ll try to post more rally videos like this in the near future. Let me know what you think.

  17. Video of GPMC Mustangs at Motordrome Speedway from 5 years ago (shared by Jason Uhler)

    Commentary from Jason…”We came across this video taken by someone of the club 5 years ago when we made the trip to Motordrome and little did I expect we would be doing hot laps after the races!!! Thought it was going to be parade laps! Amazing no one wrecked since that track is tight for about 17 cars and there was rubber all over the track.”

  18. Jason U says:

    If anyone is going to Charlotte for the 55th anniversary and they wouldn’t mind a passenger for the way down, I was looking for someone leaving either later Wednesday or Thursday. I have a hotel and a ride back on Saturday, but he is leaving Pgh on Tuesday morning (16th) and I don’t want to leave Jacquie that long at home. If able, please reach me at or 412-874-8705. I know this is a pain, but I am good company (or can just shut up the entire time, whichever you’d prefer!). THanks!!! Jason

  19. Video of Robert Downey Jrs., custom ’70 Mustang (shared by Mark Bedel)

  20. Dakota Karwoski says:

    looking for a first car, wanting a SN-95. would preffer very minimal rust, runs and drives. i am an auto tech student of 2 years currently still in high school. so a few small problems will be acceptable. would like to find one under $1500. i would like it to have less than 125,000 miles and fluids taken care of regulary. this may be long shot but i am determined to get a mustang for my first car. i live in the pittsburgh area, i would preffer not having to drive anymore than 2 hours outside of pittsburgh. i would like a clean title and for it to up to date with inspection.

  21. Jason and Jacqueline Uhler says:

    Anyone going to the Butler Cruise-a-palooza today? I would imagine it’ll be packed like Beaver. Runs from 12-7pm, but wonder whether it will fill up early. I’m going to go around noon or so and will hope for the best. Worst case, I guess I take a nice ride!

  22. Nathan Christy says:

    Looking for a trusted shop to diagnose and repair a rear end leak.

    I bought my 65 back in May and have been doing minor mechanic and cosmetic work until PennDOT finally sends me my antique plate before I can take it on the road.

    I’ve been starting it and taking it around the block weekly to keep it running. I’ve noticed there are some slow drips coming from the rear differential on the garage floor. With my limited experience, I feel like pulling the axles and taking apart the differential are beyond my zone of comfort. Does anyone have a recommendation for a mechanic that you would trust to take a look and potentially fix?
    I live near Robinson.


  23. Nathan A Christy says:

    Looking for a trusted shop to diagnose and repair a rear end leak.

    I bought my 65 back in May and have been doing minor mechanic and cosmetic work until PennDOT finally sends me my antique plate before I can take it on the road.

    I’ve been starting it and taking it around the block weekly to keep it running. I’ve noticed there are some slow drips coming from the rear differential on the garage floor. With my limited experience, I feel like pulling the axles and taking apart the differential are beyond my zone of comfort. Does anyone have a recommendation for a mechanic that you would trust to take a look and potentially fix?
    I live near Robinson.


  24. Tim Baker says:

    Is anyone in the club very familiar with South Park and its facilities? I’m looking at making a rest stop near there for the Yellow Belt tour and need some help figuring out where to make the stop. Post replies here or send to my email. Thanks

    • Mark Bedel says:

      Sorry Tim…we’re northies and don’t that area very well…

    • Jason and Jacqueline Uhler says:

      Tim, my buddy grew up and still lives a minute from the park. When you say ” rest stop”, what ideally are you looking for? I can ask him for suggestions.

  25. Robert Allison says:

    Anyone planning on going to the summit racing show this Saturday (July 28th)? I’m interested in going. I just wanted to see if anyone else was grouping up already.

    • John Namachar says:

      I’m going Robert and I think Lisa & Rich are going. Also meeting up with some of the Mason Dixon Crew at the Pilots Gas Station off of Rt 79 at the Butler, New Castle Exit between 8 – 8:30 am.

    • Mark Bedel says:

      Robert, Betsy and I are planning to go to Carlisle. I’m having a professional photographer friend shoot some shots of our ’85 in an attempt to get an invite to the invitational.
      Mark Bedel

  26. Jason and Jacqueline Uhler says:

    For anyone who hasn’t already heard, the national Model T convention is in Cranberry at the Marriott on Rte 228 this week through Friday. They tour every day about 100 miles from 8am-5pm, then the cars are all back at the hotel at night. Tomorrow, Mateo and I are joining them on the tour since I know a few of the organizers. We will end up in North Park for lunch near Pie Traynor field behind the swimming pool. 204 cars – definitely something different and worth checking out. Pretty cool to get stuck in traffic this morning with a bunch of Model T’s going to work!!! Jason

  27. Nathan A Christy says:

    65 289 coupe
    I bought the car a couple of weeks ago and already joined the club.

    I’m waiting for the antique plates to come in so I can take it on the road, so I’m making some repairs and upgrades in the garage.

    My question is about seatbelts and the laws in PA.

    The car does not, and has never had factory installed seatbelts. From what I can tell by searching online, this was optional equipment and only for the front seats.

    I am a huge proponent of seatbelts, and wouldn’t dream of driving my kids anywhere without them. However, is this a legal requirement for Pennsylvania when the only occupants are adults?

    I would love to get my car on the road as soon as possible, and need to budget time and money if the seatbelt installation is necessary.

    Any wisdom you have is greatly appreciated.

  28. Mark Bedel says:

    Hi All:

    Mark & Betsy Bedel here. I had a question regarding whether purchasing an Antique Plate for our 1985 GT would either enhance or decrease the attractiveness of the car to a future potential buyer?


    • Jason and Jacqueline Uhler says:

      I don’t think it does either since the plates wouldn’t go with the car anyway. The new owner can choose whether to go antique or regular plates. The advantages of having the antique plates of course are to avoid the inspections every year and to only have to pay a one-time permanent registration fee. The restrictions on antique cars are not what they used to be, in fact you are able to drive them to work now (at least once a week, but who’s to say how often you do). Therefore, I see no reason not to switch them to antique, but I wouldn’t do it to make it more valuable. It will just save you about $100/year though!!!

  29. We were contacted by the Spirit of Flight in Colorado. They are raising money to restore a 1936 Lockheed 12A Electra aircraft. Your donation to the Spirit of Flight Foundation enters you in a drawing to win a 1957 T-bird. Info here:

  30. Jennie says:

    October 7, 2017: We were contacted by an MCA member in California who is looking for help. Here is his email: “Hello. I’m an MCA member living in California. I’m starting my first restoration project ever and very excited. I’m currently looking for my project vehicle and I’ve success with local clubs helping me to look at project cars out of area. I’ve identified a vehicle in the Pittsburgh and am wondering if you could see if there is someone in your club who could check out a vehicle for me locally? Thank you in advance, happy to discuss details with someone who might be interested in helping out. Brian” If you can help, please contact him at

  31. Jason Uhler says:

    Last cruise ever tonight — hope to see many of you tonight for what certainly should be a unique evening. It’s really going to be sad to see it go, especially the relationship that we had forged with their leadership over the years. It’s been a great ride though. Get there early tonight! I’ve already seen the flyers that Victory is going to pass out tonight inviting everyone for September cruises and then most importantly next year. At least we have another good venue to go to! RIP Starlite.

  32. Ken says:

    Latest in Hagerty News: A 1990 7-Up Fox-body Mustang just sold in January for $82,500 at Barrett-Jackson. It only had 15 miles on it, but it looks like Fox-body Mustangs have finally arrived as genuine collector cars. Read the story at:

  33. Ken says:

    Hagerty has just published their Spring Edition of “All About Mustangs”. Apparently they’ve decided to publish this quarterly. You can read it here:

  34. Ken says:

    Hagerty has just published a second “All About Ford Mustangs” email in their weekly e-newsletter. You can read this Winter 2017 edition as a webpage here:

  35. Ken says:

    Ford Motors has just released a first look at the 2018 Mustang. If you want to take a peek, click here>.

  36. Larry Souleret says:

    Saw a 2014 MCA edition mustang this past weekend. Is there any collector value on them? It has a strip and lettering along the rocker panel that says MCA. I looked on line and they were v6 only.

    • Jason Uhler says:

      Larry, although future collectability is unpredictable like the stock market, the only sure thing is that the only 2 year old car that has ever been a good investment in the history of the automobile is the ’05-06 Ford GT’s. Otherwise, new cars are a bad investment no matter what. They will all go down before they eventually hit bottom and then hopefully begin to rise. Best case scenario, it would be 15 years before you’d ever get your money back out of it. They are rarer, but everything rare is not extremely desirable, although it usually helps. Given that they are 6-cyl, I personally can’t see them ever being worth much. That said, I could be completely off base. The new car to buy in my mind is one of the 120 or so ’16 Shelby Hertz cars once they hit the market. I may be looking for one myself. Granted they will have been beat on, but cars seldom have the combination of rarity, performance and pedigree/history. With all of those, that’s difficult to not be collectible in due time. Good luck with whatever you decide. Just my 2 cents.

  37. Ken says:

    There’s a good article in the current Hagerty News email (10/17/16) about Mustangs. You can read it here:
    Also, there’s a great video on You Tube about the Ford Motor pavillion at the 1964 New York World’s Fair, where the Mustang was introduced. You can watch it here:

  38. Bill Cattrell says:

    Does anyone know of a gasoline station which sells gasoline without ethanol?

    • Jennie says:

      Hi Bill. Try It has listings by state and says that they’re updated monthly. Could be worth checking out. Be sure to read the details for each location. 9/3 update: Ryan Dunbar reports that a gas station on Route 910 across from the miniature train museum sells non-ethanol gas.

    • Ken says:

      Last I heard Rudolph Auto Repair in Gibsonia (on PA-910 across from the miniature railroad museum we went to a couple years ago) carries it. Don’t recall the price, but it’s not cheap. Their phone is 724-443-3177.

    • Jason Uhler says:

      Purvis in Mars is very popular for car collectors, however I’ve heard that they sell out also since they get a lot of people with tractors who buy it also. They are included on the list that Jennie sent.

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