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Wondering who’s going to Carlisle?  Hershey? A local car cruise?  Do you know of a local car cruise you’d like other GPMC members to know about?  Perhaps you’re looking for advice or help in restoring or maintaining your Mustang.  Post your question/comment here or reply to other member’s comments.  Please stick to questions about cars or car-related events.

If you want to organize a group of GPMC members to attend an event, please post the information here and bring it up at a club meeting.  Also, please notify Tim at to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Note: This is a moderated forum, for GPMC members only.  To keep it current, questions about events that have already occurred will be cleaned out periodically.

21 Responses to Member Forum

  1. Nathan A Christy says:

    65 289 coupe
    I bought the car a couple of weeks ago and already joined the club.

    I’m waiting for the antique plates to come in so I can take it on the road, so I’m making some repairs and upgrades in the garage.

    My question is about seatbelts and the laws in PA.

    The car does not, and has never had factory installed seatbelts. From what I can tell by searching online, this was optional equipment and only for the front seats.

    I am a huge proponent of seatbelts, and wouldn’t dream of driving my kids anywhere without them. However, is this a legal requirement for Pennsylvania when the only occupants are adults?

    I would love to get my car on the road as soon as possible, and need to budget time and money if the seatbelt installation is necessary.

    Any wisdom you have is greatly appreciated.

  2. Mark Bedel says:

    Hi All:

    Mark & Betsy Bedel here. I had a question regarding whether purchasing an Antique Plate for our 1985 GT would either enhance or decrease the attractiveness of the car to a future potential buyer?


  3. We were contacted by the Spirit of Flight in Colorado. They are raising money to restore a 1936 Lockheed 12A Electra aircraft. Your donation to the Spirit of Flight Foundation enters you in a drawing to win a 1957 T-bird. Info here:

  4. Jennie says:

    October 7, 2017: We were contacted by an MCA member in California who is looking for help. Here is his email: “Hello. I’m an MCA member living in California. I’m starting my first restoration project ever and very excited. I’m currently looking for my project vehicle and I’ve success with local clubs helping me to look at project cars out of area. I’ve identified a vehicle in the Pittsburgh and am wondering if you could see if there is someone in your club who could check out a vehicle for me locally? Thank you in advance, happy to discuss details with someone who might be interested in helping out. Brian” If you can help, please contact him at

  5. Jason Uhler says:

    Last cruise ever tonight — hope to see many of you tonight for what certainly should be a unique evening. It’s really going to be sad to see it go, especially the relationship that we had forged with their leadership over the years. It’s been a great ride though. Get there early tonight! I’ve already seen the flyers that Victory is going to pass out tonight inviting everyone for September cruises and then most importantly next year. At least we have another good venue to go to! RIP Starlite.

  6. Ken says:

    Latest in Hagerty News: A 1990 7-Up Fox-body Mustang just sold in January for $82,500 at Barrett-Jackson. It only had 15 miles on it, but it looks like Fox-body Mustangs have finally arrived as genuine collector cars. Read the story at:

  7. Ken says:

    Hagerty has just published their Spring Edition of “All About Mustangs”. Apparently they’ve decided to publish this quarterly. You can read it here:

  8. Ken says:

    Hagerty has just published a second “All About Ford Mustangs” email in their weekly e-newsletter. You can read this Winter 2017 edition as a webpage here:

  9. Ken says:

    Ford Motors has just released a first look at the 2018 Mustang. If you want to take a peek, click here>.

  10. Larry Souleret says:

    Saw a 2014 MCA edition mustang this past weekend. Is there any collector value on them? It has a strip and lettering along the rocker panel that says MCA. I looked on line and they were v6 only.

    • Jason Uhler says:

      Larry, although future collectability is unpredictable like the stock market, the only sure thing is that the only 2 year old car that has ever been a good investment in the history of the automobile is the ’05-06 Ford GT’s. Otherwise, new cars are a bad investment no matter what. They will all go down before they eventually hit bottom and then hopefully begin to rise. Best case scenario, it would be 15 years before you’d ever get your money back out of it. They are rarer, but everything rare is not extremely desirable, although it usually helps. Given that they are 6-cyl, I personally can’t see them ever being worth much. That said, I could be completely off base. The new car to buy in my mind is one of the 120 or so ’16 Shelby Hertz cars once they hit the market. I may be looking for one myself. Granted they will have been beat on, but cars seldom have the combination of rarity, performance and pedigree/history. With all of those, that’s difficult to not be collectible in due time. Good luck with whatever you decide. Just my 2 cents.

  11. Ken says:

    There’s a good article in the current Hagerty News email (10/17/16) about Mustangs. You can read it here:
    Also, there’s a great video on You Tube about the Ford Motor pavillion at the 1964 New York World’s Fair, where the Mustang was introduced. You can watch it here:

  12. Bill Cattrell says:

    Does anyone know of a gasoline station which sells gasoline without ethanol?

    • Jennie says:

      Hi Bill. Try It has listings by state and says that they’re updated monthly. Could be worth checking out. Be sure to read the details for each location. 9/3 update: Ryan Dunbar reports that a gas station on Route 910 across from the miniature train museum sells non-ethanol gas.

    • Ken says:

      Last I heard Rudolph Auto Repair in Gibsonia (on PA-910 across from the miniature railroad museum we went to a couple years ago) carries it. Don’t recall the price, but it’s not cheap. Their phone is 724-443-3177.

    • Jason Uhler says:

      Purvis in Mars is very popular for car collectors, however I’ve heard that they sell out also since they get a lot of people with tractors who buy it also. They are included on the list that Jennie sent.

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