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Wondering who’s going to Carlisle?  Hershey? A local car cruise?  Do you know of a local car cruise you’d like other GPMC members to know about?  Perhaps you’re looking for advice or help in restoring or maintaining your Mustang.  Post your question/comment here or reply to other member’s comments.  Please stick to questions about cars or car-related events.

If you want to organize a group of GPMC members to attend an event, please post the information here and bring it up at a club meeting.  Also, please notify Tim at to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Note: This is a moderated forum, for GPMC members only.  To keep it current, questions about events that have already occurred will be cleaned out periodically.

81 Responses to Member Forum

  1. Mark Bedel says:

    The Greater Pittsburgh Mustang Club celebrating the Mustang’s Birthday on Pittsburgh Live Today, (PTL):

  2. Mark Bedel says:

    I’ve seen similar posts about Ford’s proprietary patented manual shift technology without a third pedal. Interesting Hagerty article on how it would work. A lot of electronics involved, but what today doesn’t have them? Enjoy the read:

  3. Mark Bedel says:

    Happy New Year All! It’s been awhile since I last posted, but I did want to create some awareness about a couple of new things for GPMC fans. First, I’ve heard rumor’s that Hooked on Driving, (HOD), is planning to schedule two track day events at Pittsburgh International Race Complex, (Pitt Race), this summer. These events are not currently on their schedule as they are working through the details. Once they are, I’ll let make everyone aware, as these events are becoming ever more popular with registrations filling up very quickly! HOD was absent last summer due to scheduling challenges from Pitt Race.

    Speaking of which, there is a great article in the January 2022 Mustang Times by Charlie Jones titled Carving Corners which does a good job of explaining how to up you lap times. It’s a good read and help puts taking the next steps to faster times into perspective.

    Lastly, I’d like to make everyone aware of a relatively new Podcast series hosted by Steve Hall the President of the Mustang Owners Museum, which features great interviews with the likes of Lee Holman of Holman Moody, Jack Telnack the chief designer of the Fox Platform, Dave Pericak the Chief Engineer for the S550 platform among other positions that he has held at Ford Motor Company: John Clor and Mike Rey lead some of these interviews while Steve leads others. A great free series!

    Let’s hope things improve as we move into Spring and Summer!

  4. John Reisz says:

    Who’s going to Myrtle Beach Mustang Week 2021?

  5. Mark L Bedel says:

    A nice article written by Dan DelBianco, president of the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, about our club’s contributions to the PVGP Charities, The Autism Society of Western PA and the Allegheny Valley School. Due to Covid -19, the event was cancelled this year, resulting in the loss of a large part of each charities funding.
    Fortunately, our club treasurer Jason Ulher encouraged our club to make donating to the PVGP a club competition with other local club marks. We all enjoyed the “race” to the top of the contributions board surpassing most…as we made it onto the podium!

  6. Mark L Bedel says:

    GPMC Day at Pittsburgh International Race Complex on Saturday, August 22nd Update:

    It appears for those still interested in signing up for the Novice Category, that this category has recently sold out. The other categories are still open, but I believe these “SOLO” categories require an instructors sign-off and proof of an advanced skill level. Several members were taken by surprise when they recently went to register and found this out.

    I can only assume that finding instructors was probably the main issue. The novice category is by far the most popular, so I would have to believe that this may have been a contributing factor. So far, four club members that I’m aware of have signed up; with three of us in the novice category.

    Sorry for those who missed out. Hey, there’s always next year! Maybe things will be a bit more normalized by then.

    Mark B.

  7. Mark L Bedel says:

    Mustang fans, if you can get your hands on the July issue of Car & Driver Magazine, it is their 20 greatest of all time issue. American vehicles include the 1965 Mustang, the 2016 Mustang Shelby GT 350, the 1986 Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable, two Corvettes, two Cadillac’s and one Pontiac GTO.

  8. Mark L Bedel says:

    For all those with manual transmissions working to “perfect” your heel-toe downshifts, this blog sheds some light on the process, particularly with the S550 platform:

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