GPMC Pony Points Guidelines

Member Involvement Job Description/Time   Estimate Pony Points to be awarded Max.Allowed
President & Vice Pres. Organize & implement club operations & promotions 1/month 12/year
Treasurer Monthly bookkeeping & banking duties 1/month 12/year
Secretary Meeting minutes & club correspondence 1/month 12/year
Activities Director Organize & plan club activities.    Serve as contact person for all club activities. 3/month 36/year
Membership Director Process new memberships; provide newsletter & welcome info;   prepare annual membership directory. 3/month 36/year
Merchandise Director Keep accurate inventory of all club items for sale. 1/month 12/year
     (continued) Promote the sale of items by displaying products with pricing at club   meetings. 1/month 12/year
MCA Director Liaison to MCA for the GPMC 1/month 12/year
Newsletter Editor Prepare monthly newsletter to include want ads, upcoming event info and member news. 3/month 36/year
Webmaster Prepare and maintain GPMC website. 3/month* 36/year*
Board of Directors & Officers Monthly board meeting 1/month 12/year
TRCCC & Special Organization Reps Attend special meetings & report information to GPMC membership at general meetings 1/month 12/year
Parliamentarian Advise in all areas of parliamentary law and contribute to the proper order of business 1/month 12/year
Name buttons Prepare name buttons for new members 1/month 12/year
Photographer Take pictures & compile annual photo album of members &   events 1 per event
Car Shows 2 hours per shift 1 per shift 5/day
DJ Provide music & PA system for events 1 per 2-hour shift
Nominating & Election Committee Obtain nominations for officers; prepare ballots, posters, and tally results (done in December) 5/election 5/election
Audit Committee Conduct combined audit of Treasurer & Merchandise Directors (done   in January or February) 5/audit 5/audit
Chairperson of Special Events Organization of committee to carry out an event; present budget   proposal & informational reports to the Board.  Delegate duties to committee members to   include advertisement in newsletter one month prior to the event; member help   signup sheets, financial concerns; location of event, ads, etc. 5/event 5/event
Event Committee Members Attend planning meetings and assume event responsibilities as per   chairperson’s request. 1 per special mtg attended 5/event
     (continued) Working at the event 1 per 2-hour shift 5/event
Miscellaneous Sign painting, poster or flyer preparation;  assist with club management, operation,   growth; public relations, correspondence, etc. 1 per 2-hour shift
Parts Swap 2 hours per shift 1 per shift 5/event

* Note: Webmaster points changed to 3 per month (36/yr) at GPMC Meeting on November 7, 2012.

It is the responsibility of the member to sign in on the sign-in sheet in order to earn Pony Points.  The Chairperson of an event is responsible for providing the sign-in sheet.