You can see photos from the November 1, 2017 meeting here.


Posted November 4, 2017: We were contacted by Wheels of the Past Productions.  They are looking for a yellow 1966 Mustang for a television episode in honor of Darren McGavin (Kolchak: The Night Stalker.)  They need it ASAP.   If you have a yellow 1966 Mustang or know of someone who does, please contact Kerry at

Here is more information:

 My name is Kerry Trent and I represent “Wheels of the Past” productions in Beaver Falls PA. A devoted antique car collector, restorer and Early Ford V-8 / AACA national judge for the better part of 25 years, I recently moved here from Georgia to begin this project and am founder and writer for our show which is currently being shot in the Pittsburgh area.

 There are so many classic car productions which represent antique automobiles in a buffoon type atmosphere filled with hideous “chop the top” / “lets see how much money we can make off this thing” format which is for lack of a better term……. simply disgusting!

“Wheels of the Past” will be doing none of that!

  “Wheels of the Past” is a historically accurate and entertaining series devoted to the history and preservation of antique and classic cars, trucks and motorcycles which have great, informative stories to tell. The 1941 Packard Clipper limo uses to shuttle scientists of the Manhattan Project back and forth to the Trinity test sight for the first atomic blast is just one example. ,The 1934 Ford sedan Bonnie and Clyde were executed in which today resides in Primm Nevada, another and the 1958 Plymouth Furys used in the making of John Carpenters 1984 film “Christine” just to mention a few.

 We plan to kick off our public debut with a colorful display at the Spring Carlisle 2018 show, featuring no less than 6 pre-series episodes, and a presentation reel with clips and interviews from each.

 One of the episodes “MYSTERY OF THE LIVING DEAD LEMANS” will be shot on location at the Evans City cemetery, just north of Pittsburgh, where the original cult classic “Night of the Living Dead” by George Romero was filmed in 1968. The movie was shot in black and white originally, then colorized by different sources 3 different times through the years , all three times showing the car in the opening scenes, a new 1967 Pontiac LeMans, in different colors. Each and every time the car representing the WRONG  color. Once in yellow, once blue, the other time red. The “mystery” has been for the longest time “what was the actual color of the car” the answer is…. Linden green.

An original ’67 Linden green LeMans has been located in the area and will reenact several of the cemetery location scenes as the narrator talks about the movie and recaps the history of the Pontiac LeMans and how it became the beloved GTO. The episode will then move to a location where a group of prize wining GTOs from the 60s will be talked about and highlighted.  

This is just one of 35 episodes currently written and preparing to go into production.

Thank you



Posted November 1, 2017: A new page has been added to the website: Website Feedback.  Is the website meeting your needs?  What would make it better?  Use the comment box at the bottom of the page to share your thoughts.  Thanks!


Pony Points for the October 1, 2016 through September 30, 2017 period have been released and are posted on the Members Only page.  This is the final year for the pony point system.  Members have until December 31, 2017 to redeem points.  If you want the breakdown of how your pony points were awarded, contact Danielle Lane.


Elections are coming!  Elections are coming!  Read all about it here:


Posted 10/28/17:  Hagerty just released their Fall, 2017 issue of All About Mustangs.   You can access it here.


Survey results were sent via email to members on September 25, 2017.  A summary follows:

Location Overall Score* 1st Place Votes 2nd Place Votes 3rd Place Votes
Baja Bar & Grill





North Park Lounge





Zone 28


20 26


*The Overall Score is a weighted average for each location of the percentage of votes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

The second part of the survey asked members if they wanted to hold all meetings October through May in one location or move them around.  The results follow:

Meeting Choices for October through January


% of Total

Hold all 8 meetings in one location



Alternate meetings between North and Central
Locations each month



4 consecutive meetings in North, Oct-Jan, then 4 consecutive meetings in Central, Feb-May




Have you ever wondered where our members live?  Here’s a map showing the distribution of GPMC members as of October 2017:
It does not show a handful of outliers, people who drive great distances to attend meetings and events.  Thanks, Tim!


September 22, 2017:  Former president Mark Mulkey has resigned, effective immediately.  Questions should be addressed to new president Danielle Lane.


Posted 8/24/17:  Hagerty just released their Summer, 2017 issue of All About Mustangs.   You can access it here.


Are you interested in getting a group of GPMC members together to go to a car show, cruise, etc.?  Wondering who else is going?  Visit the Member Forum.


Posted 6/23/17:  Hagerty just published their updated Ford Mustang Price Guide for summer, 2017.   It covers the years 1965-2004.  You can access it here.