Practice page for administrators and editors

Use this page to try your hand at editing.   If you can use Word, you can edit any page on the website.  Start by logging into   You will now see “Edit” at the bottom of each page on the website.  Click on the Edit button to go into edit mode.  Please feel free to practice below.  A double row of icon will appear in the text area.  You should recognize most of them (bold, italic, bullet points, left justify, center, underline, etc.)  Add paragraphs, edit, delete, etc.  Don’t worry about messing anything up.  Until you click on “Update” in the upper right corner, the page will not be changed.  You can click on the “Preview” button instead to see what the changes will look like before updating.

NOTE: Until you click on “update,” any changes you make are not saved.  You can get out of edit mode without saving changes by clicking on the backspace button.

When you created your account at WordPress you may have also created a Profile.  On the Profile page, you can add an image to use as your avatar/icon.  When you’re logged in, that image should appear in the top right corner.  Clicking on the image opens up a menu which allows you to sign out, update your account & profile, etc.  When you log out, you must sign in again at to be able to make updates.


Start by placing your cursor anywhere in this sentence and start editing.  Thanks for helping!

P.S. If you’d rather practice on a blank page, here it is:


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